Patient Services Information

  • How do I make an appointment at the Port Arthur Health Centre?
  • To book an appointment with your physician, visit the appropriate appointment desk or call 346-1000 for the correct appointment extension.

  • Why must I show my Health Card every time I come?
  • The Health Card holds vital information about each card holder. By scanning your personalized card, we can verify that our records are correct so we can complete the appropriate billing for services. If a patient presents an invalid card, they will be responsible for the cost of medical services.

  • I think I need to see a specialist. Can I book an appointment the same way I would with my own doctor?
  • Appointments with most specialists are made only through referral by your own physician and must be confirmed with the Appointment Secretary three working days before their date. Unconfirmed appointments will be cancelled and re-issued to other patients. Failure to attend a confirmed appointment may result in a penalty charge.

  • When I call the Health Centre for an appointment, why am I sometimes put on hold?
  • You may have called at a time when the Health Centre was flooded with calls. Peak hours are around opening time and late afternoon (appointment desks are closed 12pm to 1pm). Calls are handled in the order in which they come in. We suggest calling at a time when the telephone system is less likely to be busy.

  • Why are calls occasionally passed to so many people before being handled?
  • Be specific when calling. State your purpose clearly when calling for an appointment or leaving a message for your doctor. Your call can then be directed to the right office with little or no delay.

  • Why did I have to wait an extra thirty minutes to see my doctor?
  • It is possible that your doctor was detained at the hospital or ran late with his/her appointments because a patient required more time than was scheduled. We encourage all our patients to be clear about the reason for wishing to see their physician. This will help to set aside an apporopriate amount of time for each appointment and prevent delays for other patients.

Administration Office

  • I have a claim with my insurance company. What do I need to bring with me when I visit the Health Centre?
  • It is very important to provide the Health Centre's Administration Office with your Health Card, and proper forms and or documents, especially when private insurers, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board or third parties are involved. The Administration Office will coordinate the paper work with your doctor's office as well as answer all general inquiries related to your account. You will be required to pay for all paperwork before it is released.

  • How long will it take to get my forms back from the doctor?
  • It usually depends on your doctor's schedule. Normally it may take 10 working days to complete all paper work. To ensure prompt handling of your forms, bring them directly to the Business Office rather than your physician's office. Your forms will be immediately entered into our system. If any delays should occur, we can then promptly trace your paper work. You will be contacted when the forms are ready to be picked up. All charges for forms must be paid at the time of pick up.

  • Is there a fee to have my forms filled out?
  • Administration costs are not covered by Ontario Health Care.

Medical Services

  • I am not feeling well and my doctor has been detained at the hospital. Can anyone else see me in the meantime?
  • Urgent care is available for patients of the PAHC Monday through Thursday from 9am to 8pm, Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 11am to 3pm. Please report to the Reception Desk and explain your condition.

  • I want a flu vaccination. Can I just drop into Medical Services to get my shots?
  • Flu shots are usually administered between November and March depending upon availability of the vaccines. Patients can make an appointment or obtain a vaccination through the walk-in clinic.

  • Where do I go for my X-ray and Lab appointments?
  • CML Healthcare is on the lower level of the Health Centre. Access is gained by a staircase located to the left of the main floor Reception Desk or via the elevator located to the right of the main doors. LifeLabs is on the main floor on the left side of the Reception area. If in doubt, please ask one of our receptionists at the main floor Reception area or follow the signboards displayed throughout the Health Centre.

Medical Records

  • Can anyone access my medical records without my knowledge?
  • You must sign a release before anyone outside of the Health Centre: another doctor, an insurance company, a lawyer, or even yourself can receive your records.

  • Is there a cost involved in the release of my medical files?
  • A handling charge may be applied if records are transferred to another facility or institution. Please see a representative in the business office for the price list.

  • I want to know my test results. Can I get them from medical records?
  • Only your doctor can reveal test results to you.

  • What other information is available to me from the Medical Records?
  • Immunization and patient medication records are made available by properly identifying yourself to our Health Centre Nurse.