Effective August 1, 2003, The Port Arthur Clinic is pleased to announce that the Port Arthur Clinic will be operating under the name of the 'The Port Arthur Health Centre', an Association of Independent Physicians. Many new features have been added to the physician remuneration package making the Port Arthur Health Centre a very attractive location to practice with low overheads and opportunities for additional benefits and savings. Physicians practicing at the centre will no longer be required to purchase shares in the facility or make any longer term commitments. This strategy falls in line with the prime objective of The Port Arthur Health Centre…….to provide practice opportunities for physicians and health care professionals in an efficient and well managed facility with a focus on quality patient care and low physician overheads.

A summary of the new features is

  • Simple Cost Sharing formula resulting in low overheads
  • Ability for physicians to incorporate resulting in tax opportunities
  • Preferential space rental to all cost sharing group members
  • No Joint and Several liability among physicians
  • Electronic Medical Records if desired.
  • No obligation to purchase shares or invest in building ownership
  • Yearly refunds to members if greater efficiencies are achieved
  • Group management by members of the cost-sharing group
  • All billing and administrative services included in overhead rate
  • Simple and quick entry to, or exit from, the group
  • Registered Family Health Group for family physicians (increased fees)
  • On site services available for good patient care
    • OR Booking Department for specialists
    • OR Assist schedule for specialists
    • Fully automated transcription service
    • Common Charting for all group physicians
    • Lab, Shoppers Pharmacy and diagnostic imaging facility
    • Dietician and Chiropodist
    • Computer storage of labs, imaging and hospital records

for more information contact
John Marrello
Telephone: (807) 346 1000